happy hearts


It was a “Red Out” day at school yesterday… the rare day when kids may donate $1 each for a selected charity (the American Heart Association on Valentine’s Day) for the privilege of wearing something other than their uniforms — this time, a red or white shirt and jeans. Right after Mass, the 7th & 8th grades departed school for an outing to the bowling alley. Finn, lamenting that “The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders get to do everything fun!” remained at school for classes and a traditional room party.

Finn wasn’t as excited as his mama about the idea of making homemade Valentines, but I (think) I convinced him that they are almost always the favorites. When he told a classmate a couple days before the holiday what his Valentines were going to say, the friend said, “That’s awesome!” When he brought home the sack of Valentines he’d been given yesterday, Finn said, “Everyone loved my Valentines, Mom!”, and he pointed out the ones he especially liked: a Twinkie transformed into a Minion and a homemade card that said, “Our class would knot be the same without you,” which came with a friendship bracelet.

February 20143

Shane treated me to lunch at a new Mediterranean restaurant in town and brought home beautiful flowers & a carved wood heart, plus treats for dessert. At the kids’ request, I made lasagna for dinner (something I only do about once a year). Shane and I capped off the evening with a couple episodes of “Lark Rise to Candleford.” I’m very happy to say that many days in this life are as good as this one was, but it’s always fun to dress in pink & red, exchange acknowledgements of our love, and celebrate being a family.

Hope yours was a day just as sweet!


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