Easter weekend

We haven’t got our Easter celebrations down to a strict formula in this household, having celebrated a few in our own home, a couple at my grandparents’ farm, and the past several at my aunt & uncle’s rural home. With Aunt Terri & Uncle Richard in the midst of a move to Florida this past weekend and a few local obligations, we were content to stay home this year. The kids and I never feel we have as much time at home as we’d like, so two bonus days off of school felt like a gift, and we really took advantage! IMG_5964 Molly and Finn invited another sister-brother duo over to color Easter eggs and play games on Good Friday. Saturday morning found us all at the soccer pitch, bright and early. On Saturday afternoon, Shane and Finn received delivery of twenty straw bales and arranged them in the “gardening ditch” we share with our neighbors (more on this project soon!) while Molly and I hung out with our lovely girlfriends at the Schmidt house and then ran errands. April 20141

Finny’s basket included a sweet addition from Molly — a milk chocolate & caramel bar she purchased with her own money

Sunday was filled with radiant sunshine, a silly egg hunt in which a third of our hard-boiled eggs were snitched by a blackbird(!), and a crowded Mass. And there we were captivated by a lively 2- or almost-3-year-old seated in the pew ahead of us… She could not sit still, and it was evident her parents felt overwhelmed by this little gal — taking her shoes off, putting them on, repeat, repeat; lying down in the pew and scooting her head down where a stranger would soon take a seat; singing “Hot, hot, hot… We got it!”; opening books, shutting books; jumping into her mama’s arms for a snuggle, then slithering over her shoulder as though she was ready to dive head first for the pew; burrowing underneath the pew for a change of view; and so on…  along with her slightly older sister. It took me right back to the memories of trying to control Molly and Finn in church when they were about that age. It’s so frustrating being the parent in that situation. You think everyone around you is going to be offended. Little do you realize that the majority are likely smitten by those impish grins and dimpled fingers. This tot had Finn tickling her toes and Molly playing peek-a-boo in no time. “You the big sister?” she asked Molly. “You her boy?” she asked Finn. “You the big mommy,” she pronounced while pointing at me and cracking a huge, impish grin.

Next up, our homemade Easter lunch (links included for the new recipes we tried, which were fantastic!):

With such a beautiful afternoon before us and our little family all together (a rarity, it seems), we each offered ideas of ways to spend it and tried to do everything: bike ride, 4-square, garden planning, reading, petanque, and an episode of “Sherlock.” IMG_5977We’re all anxious for more sunny, warm days to come soon. Hope you had a happy weekend, too!


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