sunday posy :: creeping phlox


As the barometer climbs little by little, our patch of earth is coming back to life. This creeping phlox Shane and I planted last fall was first to make its colorful debut. I hope these mounds of blue-lavender buds will eventually spread into a complete arc around the base of our mailbox. More are planted along the front sidewalk. As our landscaping work continues, I’m planning to intersperse the phlox with hydrangeas, lavender, bee balm, globe allium, daisies, and craspedia. (Pinterest is so great for helping visualize what these flowers could look like planted near each other! You can see my flower garden board here, with a few additions for Molly’s plot.)

Twenty years ago, when our house was built, the developer stripped (I would say stole) the topsoil from each of the residential lots, leaving behind a thick layer of clay pocked with lots of stones. That makes for extra hard work when tilling soil and a growing pile of stones in one corner of our backyard. It also means we need to be thoughtful about adding plants that aren’t too selective about the soil they grow in (such as creeping phlox) and/or committing ourselves to regularly amending the soil as needed to nurture plants we just love and really want in our yard (such as blueberries). Our compost and straw bale gardening experiments are other methods we’re trying to improve our soil.

We’ve waited a long time to begin seriously gardening and landscaping at our “new” place, and this spring, a lot of work has commenced. I’ll share updates here. I’ll carry on the “Sunday Posy” tradition of the last few years (old posts at and also try to have a weekly “In the Garden” post. Savor all the blooms… I love to see it “raining flowers” when the wind blows!


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