First Communion

Molly and Finn have been preparing since last fall for their full participation in the Catholic faith, taking catechism classes on Sundays, studying religion at school, and attending Mass twice weekly. They also met occasionally this past fall with one of the school nuns, Sister Vianney, who helped prepare them for their first confessions. There has certainly been a circle of adults (and classmates) who helped Molly and Finn on this journey. Many were present in a special Mass last weekend at St. Matthew’s Parish for the annual celebration of First Holy Communion — not just for our kids but also for their fellow RCIC classmates and those receiving the Sacrament at the customary age of 7-8.

For this special ceremony, girls are expected to wear white dresses and shoes, as well as a headpiece — typically a veil, but a flower garland, crown, or headband is also acceptable. Molly and I found an understated white eyelet dress, eyelet ballet flats, and a white and gold headband that she felt would not make her any more conspicuous than she already felt due to being older and taller than most of her counterparts last Saturday. Still, several of the little girls asked her, “How old ARE you?” But they also flattered her by telling her they liked her dress and that her braces were pretty, too!
IMG_20140503_120130_714 (1) IMG_6013

Molly’s homeroom teacher kindly joined us for the Mass and a reception. She presented Molly with a congratulatory card signed by all of her school classmates. Sister Vianney, who is Finn’s science and religion teacher, made hand-knotted rosaries for both kids — very special gifts, especially for Finn, who has a small, but steadily growing, rosary collection. (He was very impressed with my Grandma Wenger’s collection of rosaries, which he saw this past fall.)

IMG_6015With the sun shining more brightly upon us as we left the church, we headed to our favorite brunch spot, Radio Maria, with Granny and Grandpa. May the faith Molly and Finn are being introduced to bring them some comfort and strength as they travel through life. And, yes, I do believe holding hands helps, too.



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