in the garden :: berry bushes


Oh, glory! We’re back in berry business! Almost two and a half years into living in what I’ll likely always think of as “the new place,” we’re finally able to delve into the creation of our own landscaping plan, which certainly includes berries. This time ’round, we selected two varieties of dwarf blueberries, shown below, and a dwarf raspberry, placing the young bushes in two rows along the rear perimeter of our yard (in line with the straw bales right now).
IMG_5983 IMG_5985With sprinkles coming in a steady sheet and an uncomfortable amount of lightning occurring, this was the fastest planting work Shane and I ever did (a few weeks ago). He dug holes, while I tugged the plants from their plastic pots, roughed up the sides, and plopped them in their new homes. I crumbled chunks of soil and hastily tucked up the plants, all ready for Mother Nature’s timely watering.

Along the side of the garage, Shane created a planting bed bordered with hollow concrete blocks, later capped with concrete pavers. (And, yes, I have noticed that in nearly every photo snapped of Shane this spring, he has been bent over, hard at work moving earth. No wonder his back is always hurting! But he is certainly scratching off the tasks on the outside to-do list at an admirable rate.) In this area, we planted an everbearing raspberry bush. Shane is striving to contain the enthusiastic root spread of all the raspberries by planting them in large plastic pots with the bottoms cut out. IMG_6019 The two posts Shane installed this week are the beginnings of a lattice framework he’s creating for the espaliered apple tree he’s long been hoping to get. We saw several at one local shop early in the spring but Shane held off, wanting to be fully prepared. Now they’ve all been sold, so we’ll see if a special order will come through, or if we’ll have to wait another year. IMG_6088Of course, we still have quite a bit more groundwork to complete. We’ll soon be layering old newspaper, landscape fabric, and trap rock to keep weeding to the bare minimum and provide a tidy, finished look. The raspberry bush shown above will need a trellis of some sort. And I’m sure we’ll soon be battling little critters — birds, rabbits, squirrels, and maybe the local fox? — for the produce, so we’ll be putting up netting or whatever method we feel is adequate to protect our investments. Little by little, step by step…


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