sunday posy :: dame’s rocket

These pretty posies, growing by the creek behind our house, caught my eye a week ago. From several feet away, their sweet scent also beckoned. I wasn’t sure what this flower was nor how it would behave if I clipped a stem to take inside. Sometimes cut wildflowers quickly lose their allure, dropping their petals overnight in a flurry littered with pollen dust, seeming so sad to have lost their ability to sway with the wind and reach toward the sun.
IMG_6096 A week later, though, the blooms are still gracing our kitchen table. They also seem not to have induced any sneezing from our (allergy-prone) kids.

I finally did my homework today and discovered that these flowers are Dame’s Rocket, a wildflower that, depending on your source of information and location in the U.S., is considered either a hardy and beautiful addition to your garden, also possessing minor medicinal value, or an invasive weed you should try to banish. Because I’ve only seen this one cluster throughout our area of town, I’m going with the former definition. While I won’t go to the trouble of harvesting its seed pods later in the season to intentionally spread them, neither will I be yanking them out of their current home. IMG_6080


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