early summer refreshment


blueberry basil lillet-jito

After seeing several references to the French aperitif wine, Lillet, online and in magazines throughout the past year, my curiosity was piqued. We picked up a bottle at our local Binny’s recently, and I’ve been mixing up a sparkling cocktail every few days since. We’ve had a lot of steamy afternoons already, and combined with the pace of outdoor chores here, a shady porch break and a cool drink in hand is a welcome respite, indeed.

There are Blanc and Rose versions of Lillet; I decided to try the white first. Every source I’ve seen encourages thorough chilling and serving on ice. I found the wine straight-up to be a bit too strong for me, but it’s a tasty addition to a mixed drink.

In case you, too, have a hankering for a light, fizzy, and fruity glass of adult refreshment as summer approaches, here’s a handful of Lillet cocktail recipes (click on the names to go to the links) you can try:


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