a saturday morning at the market

With promises made to early risers for doughnuts, the kids and I didn’t have much trouble arriving at our local farmers market yesterday by 7:30 a.m.IMG_6127 The sun was shining, and the mood was lively.IMG_6138Spring veggies and fruit were on beautiful display, tempting shoppers to open their wallets and fill their canvas bags.
IMG_6137All sorts of unique crafts were also on offer, and I think I’ll be back later in the season to do some early Christmas shopping.
IMG_6132 The sweet treats abound… You can bet that kids, at least mine, don’t visit our market with visions of veggies dancing in their heads. When I say “farmers’ market,” they immediately clamor for honey sticks, kettle corn, fudge, lemonade, and more. Only the prices keep me from calling it all irresistable!IMG_6129Free samples are the best!
IMG_6133 These flowers cried, “Take me home!”, but I didn’t… yet. Hmm… We do have a nice spot behind the garage that’s almost ready for planting.IMG_6128 And then, the promised destination: Pandamonium Doughnuts.IMG_6135 Oh, yummmm. S’mores, maple bacon apple fritter, double blueberry, and chocolate o.d. We shared one for you, Shane!IMG_6139This could become a habit — both the weekend trip to the market and a doughnut run!


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