sunday posy :: a single peony

Peonies have been in full bloom in our area this week, their showy pom poms spilling over one another along fences, in front of many houses, and in “flower islands” at our local parks. We have just two of the plants in our yard — both gifts from a friend. These peonies admirably survived a 9-month camp-out in garbage bags alongside our house while they awaited transplanting last year. (One sister plant didn’t make it.) They’re not thriving in their soggy bed in a low-lying strip between our property and the neighbor’s, but they’re hanging on.

No perfume can compete with the peony’s sweet scent, so this blossom earned a place in my bedroom, where it can be the last thing I see before lights go out and one of the first things my attention is drawn to in the morning.


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