summer 2014 bucket list

Yesterday was the last day of 5th and 7th grades for Finn and Molly. What a great school year they’ve had!

IMG_6141Both kids have experienced a literal lightening of their loads within the past few days, beginning with no homework towards the end of last week, then emptying of their school desks and lockers on Friday, going to school without their backpacks yesterday, and finally, major clips of hair for both today.

IMG_6142Our trio has come up with a bunch of ways to spend this precious time when we don’t have to be at school, but we can still keep learning and experiencing so much. Here’s our summer bucket list:

  • Spend lots of time with friends & family
  • Work in the garden & enjoy our own edibles
  • Swim – in pools, lakes, and streams
  • Eat (and make) plenty of ice cream & frozen yogurt
  • Take a walk under a full moon
  • Roast hot dogs & marshmallows at the fire pit
  • Go hiking
  • Visit pretty gardens in other places
  • Make popsicles
  • Learn to drive (Molly’s and Finn’s biggest wish here!)
  • Search for treasures at yard sales & secondhand shops
  • Have a few Midwestern weekend adventures
  • Do a little geocaching
  • Watch fireworks
  • Visit at least one beach
  • Get a tan “tattoo”
  • Be active every day… running, walking, yoga, etc.
  • Make pottery
  • Find some constellations
  • Locate all the storm drain murals in C-U
  • Breakfast once a week at a local café
  • Sew Molly’s quilt
  • Practice a little Spanish
  • Create a nook at home for Finn
  • Try making bagels, challah, and gnocchi
  • Take lots of bike rides
  • Float down a river in tubes
  • Dine alfresco as often as possible… picnics + outdoor concerts = a very happy mama
  • Watch some good flicks
  • Have regular family dinners – in which we don’t just eat together, but we also cook together!
  • Enjoy some thrills at an amusement park
  • Read stacks & stacks of good books & mags, of course!



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