a (now) serene master bathroom

My first thought upon viewing our current home online when scouring real estate listings was this: “Nice house, but the wallpaper… Oh!” Wallpaper, complete with multiple borders, covered the dining room, downstairs half-bathroom, master bedroom and bathroom. Later on, when Shane wanted to tour the home, I agreed but thought, “I cannot live with all that wallpaper.” Well, I guess I can — while I make the slowest of strides towards getting rid of it. So, almost two years after I removed this paper in the master bath
Raso Master Bathroom Shane and my brother Nathan painted the room (Behr Premium Plus in Rhino). We also replaced the white porcelain and plastic towel holders and cabinet knobs with antique bronze versions and put in a new Toto toilet. IMG_6222 IMG_6220 IMG_6223This may never be our dream bathroom (in which we would replace the giant tub/miniscule shower combo with a luxurious shower for two, replace the huge wall mirror with a couple of small mounted ones, and swap linoleum for tile), but it is absolutely a more calm space for us to be in after these updates. Ahhh…


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