at the florist’s shop

On a corner in downtown Champaign, Fleurish is a sweet florist’s shop in an old building with layers of patina — brick walls, tile floor, wavy glass. Its creamy painted walls, tall windows, and just a few rustic pieces of furniture provide a muted but textured foil for the lush beauty of the flowers and plants that are the main attraction.

The storefront is a refrigerated case, and it’s rare to see a passerby not pause to gaze at the abundantly filled buckets of stems inside. The owner, Sarah Compratt, often scatters flower petals on the sidewalk and steps leading into the shop as another lure.IMG_6201 IMG_6202 IMG_6203 We don’t stop by often, but Molly is always eager to join me, of course. The shop is actually much as I imagine her future home will be — consisting of artful collections of natural matter and vintage, re-purposed materials.IMG_6204

Finn, who does not enjoy shopping/browsing, can be made content with a book in hand and a promise of food to come soon, thankfully.IMG_6205 IMG_6206 This is what I brought home with me yesterday to hang in my bedroom. It’s a sculpture/bud vase made of wood salvaged mostly from Midwestern farms, by landscape designer and woodworker Kaisa Dille, who grew up on a farm in Minnesota. I like everything about this piece: its rustic and rugged appearance, the flexibility of the vases in creating a way to change the appearance with a simple switch of the flowers, and that I helped support a fellow former farm gal in the process.IMG_6208


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