sunday posy :: baby’s breath

While Shane holds the landscaping reins pretty tightly around here, there are occasional trips we make together to purchase plants during which he’ll have a specific height or color of a plant in mind but be somewhat open to my help in looking. Last time this happened, I held up a small, green potted perennial and asked, “How about this? Will get about 12 inches high max, produces small white flowers throughout the growing season…” Shane looked over the plant marker and pronounced it to be fine, adding that I could load a second one in our cart.
IMG_6213The plant’s name, “Gypsophila,” didn’t ring any bells. And before blooming, it really looked to me like some lavender plants do when all green. Well, a couple weeks after planting in front of our house, spindly shoots sprouted at the top of the plant marked with bits of purple where, it seems, the plant indicates it will branch. Numerous tiny white buds appeared next. As soon as they began to bloom, I recognized this flower! It’s baby’s breath — part of almost every floral arrangement I saw in the 1980’s and ’90’s. This delicate posy will be a fun addition to our garden, delivering a dose of nostalgia along with the sweet scent of these tiny blooms.


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