angel camp & a small milestone

Molly and Finn spent the first half of each day this past week volunteering at St. Matthew Parish’s Angel Camp. Conducted by numerous adult and middle-to-high school-age volunteers for the youth of the church, the camp’s theme, “Trust God,” was carried out by separating the children into “tribes” and leading them through story- and craft-based activities that brought to life Biblical tales.
IMG_6260Molly was an assistant in the “10 Plagues” tent. “It was cool seeing the kids’ reactions to the special effects we had, like the Nile River turning into ‘blood,’ which we did using red Kool-Aid powder mixed with water, or dropping ping-pong balls on them to be ‘hail,'” she said.IMG_6267IMG_6265Finn was an assistant in the “Quail and Manna” tent, where he helped young visitors put together a craft project (making a paper quail). When I asked if there was anything specific he really enjoyed about the experience, he said, “The whole thing was just fun!” IMG_6264IMG_6270Because we came to the church involvement stage a little late, both Molly and Finn were too old to participate as campers in Angel Camp, so I thought that being volunteers in facilitating it would at least allow them a partial experience of it. The fact that many of their schoolmates were also volunteers added to their positive impressions. IMG_6271

Finn lost his last baby tooth this week, too — a molar whose absence means that he’ll now be ready for braces. Bittersweet, baby.IMG_6235


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