summer fun

Busy days around here leave me with little time for blogging. Hopefully, I can catch up!

Our summer motto:
IMG_6239Unless you’re Finny, and you have your first case of athlete’s foot.  😦  No fun for him, but he did get a pile of new socks and his own can of treatment spray.

Here’s our almost-teen gal, hair curled and ready to go to a friend’s birthday party recently:IMG_6233 She’s now just a quarter of an inch shorter than me!

Not only have we been out and about these past couple of weeks, but we’ve had some lovely company, too, including our wonderful friend Erin. I think she probably returned home to Boston thoroughly exhausted from all that she did while in C-U, but we are so excited to catch up when she’s here that we have trouble tucking ourselves into bed at a reasonable hour.

IMG_6275We spent Independence Day close to home, where there’s plenty of low-key entertainment on offer in Chambana.
IMG_6299 We staked a patch of grass along Lincoln Avenue in Urbana to watch the Freedom Celebration Parade. While we waited, we enjoyed our picnic lunch: tomato/mozz/pesto pasta salad, triple berry salad, and Cretor’s Chicago Mix (cheddar and caramel popcorn). Yum.IMG_6297 Our friend Kate joined us for the afternoon and evening, which included much giggling, blending of “Sleepytime Tea,” dinner, TCBY, and fireworks.

The next morning we drove to Forrest to my brother Nathan’s place for a weekend visit and marathon woodworking session. Since the women and children were needed very infrequently in the garage, Emily (sis-in-law-to-be) and Emery (sis-in-law already) and I, along with the kids, had time to hang with Emily’s dad and brothers. Kittens were involved. No child or Em left without wanting one of her or his very own. IMG_6316 IMG_6326An awesome swing ride is proven to alleviate any sadness resulting from the denial of pets, though.
IMG_6321 Meanwhile, boys were hard at work (as hard as Capt. Morgan would allow, that is):IMG_6314 (Here, working atop a picnic table made by my dad!)IMG_6315 On what, you ask? Well, lawn-size Jenga sets…IMG_6331 IMG_6333 and lots o’ cornhole boards…IMG_6334IMG_6337 IMG_6338There might be a new Wenger side business besides painting!

Nathan, Austin, and Shane ~ You all did fantastic work! Can’t wait to play games with you!

Nathan & Emily ~ Thanks for always being such gracious hosts! We love being in your beautiful home with you and sharing delicious meals.



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