Camp Tecumseh 2014

A couple of brief showers last weekend served only to knock the cobwebs loose from the trees at Camp Tecumseh, near Brookston, Ind., where we spent our 6th or 7th consecutive Labor Day weekend. Our spirits were not dampened, and we each pursued what we most like to do at Family Camp among (contrary to what you see in these photos!) many other clans from Illinois and Indiana. Euchre, ga-ga, cornball, hiking, reading, swimming, boating, zip-lining, making paracord bracelets, all-out battling with water guns, or fighting with pillows … What wasn’t there to do?

Silly me, I brought along an early birthday gift for Shane — a camp hammock for two that I thought we might be able to try out for an hour one afternoon. But he was too busy trying to keep up with Finn!

IMG_6573IMG_6589IMG_6572IMG_6575IMG_6577IMG_6581IMG_6587My trusty old Keens … I love these shoes! I think I’ve had them for almost a decade now, and they are perfect for about every outdoor adventure, six months out of the year!IMG_6583

We found lots of trail improvements in progress, including this beautifully woven fence at a hillside lookout point.IMG_6585Flower-shaped mushrooms … You can imagine how these captivated Molly!
IMG_6579 IMG_6567 IMG_6593 My camp favorite: early morning serenity on the lodge’s back deck with a steaming cup of coffee and something to read. Usually, there are a few deer at water’s edge, but not this time.The Tippecanoe River was running much higher than we’ve seen in the past. 

IMG_6590 IMG_6591Home now and in the thick of all our fall busy-ness, we’ll savor our memories (except of the COLD showers we had at Camp T this year!) from a healthy dose of nature and togetherness. For the next couple months, we’ll be striving for little bits of both kinds of that goodness every chance we get in between the line-up of practices, meets, matches, meetings, and schoolwork. 


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