crazy week


We are living under a cloud of weirdness … It began with Crazy Sock Day at school. Then, I had a trunkful of pumpkins — thankfully, all delivered for work (i.e., special events) purposes before
THIS happened. The kids and I were on our way to school/work last week on a busy road full of drivers intent on getting to their destinations across town. I was stopped behind a line of traffic for a red light, turned in my seat to scold Miss Molly for always causing us to run later than I’d like, when my face was suddenly slammed into the coffee mug I was holding in my left hand (before it flew, splattering coffee all over me and the windshield). Droplets of liquid blurred with bits of glass, plastic, and metal. Molly was crying, and all three of us wondered what had happened. The driver of the pick-up behind us hadn’t noticed all the stopped vehicles ahead and was looking into his rearview mirror, accelerating to put more distance between him and the car he’d turned onto the road ahead of, when he was forced to a brutal and abrupt halt.

IMG_0129IMG_0133Our van is totaled. But the more important part is that we’re all okay, aside from a few bruises and the sore neck Molly had for a couple of days (and the SwimEar I had to use to get the coffee/milk out of my inner ear!). We’re driving a rental vehicle until everything is sorted out. (Photos are compliments of Finn, who jumped out shortly after the accident to begin documenting with his iPod!)

Of course, when these kinds of things happen, it’s usually when one feels like the plate couldn’t get much fuller before things begin falling off, right? U of I’s Homecoming was just a couple of days later … I missed Molly’s last park district soccer game (ever!) due to work on Saturday, but my crew stopped by for lunch and a little silliness.

IMG_6706Sunday offered some sweet spots: Two of my old Student Ambassadors, Jimmy and Annamarie, came over for lunch before departing C-U and so kindly brought flowers with them!IMG_6705The kids had an end-of-the-season cross country party with their teammates and coaches in the afternoon, and just look at this: One of the younger girls on the team made Molly’s day with her thoughtful card, and Coach Rose presented her with a running top and guardian angel pin. He also had printed letters for every single kid on the team in which he documented their slowest and fastest running times of the season, their individual strengths, and offered “prescriptions” for becoming an even better runner in the future. We already thought the world of him. IMG_6701

What sweet frosting. Now we’ve just got to keep the cake from crumbling!


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