a belated peek at our Halloween


Our spooky house (creepy characters drawn and cut by Shane)

November 2014

Candy litter from seven goblins in the house, my post during trick-or-treating hours, and a bit of pumpkin-squash soup (Finn’s favorite — ha, ha, ha, haaaa!)

No photos of our dressed-up kids this year… Finn was a burglar (or, possibly, “burger” if you use Finn-speak), dressed in a black & white striped shirt, black pants, a black ski mask, and with a pillowcase for his booty. Molly was planning on making her rounds with friends, all dressed in Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes. However, blustery weather and missing costume pieces (and, most likely, their early-teen ages) inspired a last-hour switch to sweatshirts and pajama pants, in hopes that they would be seen as a slumber party crew, I guess? No matter. Fun was had by all, especially when visiting cousins arrived for an overnight stay and no adult monitored the candy trading and eating that happened over the next hour or so. Ah, well. You’re only a kid once, right?


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