basketball season begins


These photos are not great, but it is really hard to capture the fast-paced court action with a very average camera and from way up in the stands! Finn is number 11. His teammate who looks like he could be his brother (remember him from cross country?) is number 12, and I caught them both on the sidelines in the next-to-last photo. Finn would also probably like me to mention here that he is not wearing leggings; those black bands are knee pads!

Finn’s 6th grade team has played only a few games thus far this season and had just one win, but they are listening well to their great coaches and learning a lot. Being part of the school team is a big commitment, as practices and games take place typically five days a week. The pay-off, though, is fantastic conditioning of their bodies, discipline of their minds, and steady improvement of their individual abilities and team capabilities. Athletes at St. Matthew School must maintain grades in every class of at least B+, with a tighter grading scale than public schools have. Shane and I really favor this approach. While the policy may mean a greater likelihood of pending ineligibility for a week or so during the season, it also reminds kids that sports come after school in terms of their priorities.

Molly has been enjoying the service and social aspects of Finn’s games, readily helping out in the concession stand with me when I’ve taken my volunteer turns and chatting it up with friends in the bleachers later.

Go Raiders!


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