closer to normal?


Pre-op fashion plate

Last week, Molly went under the knife to have an extra bone in the arch of her right foot removed, the tendon there attached to the correct bone, and a notch cut in her calf muscle to improve foot flexion. The extra bone the doctor photographed for us shows a sizable rock-like piece that illustrates why Molly has certainly suffered a lot of pain over the past couple of years while participating in sports. In fact, she has said the pain during this recovery period is actually less than what she was experiencing from a workout. Poor girl.

While Shane, Finn, and I were in the surgical waiting room, I read aloud to them some sentences from a magazine article about the possible negative consequences on a child of the mother’s being overweight/obese during pregnancy — things like increased risk of diabetes, asthma, cognitive shortcomings. In response, Shane said, “All I know is when a mother eats right during pregnancy, her child can grow extra bones.” Well!

Molly’s podiatrist says that 4-11% of the population has an extra bone in the foot, but the bone’s location and form of development (attached or unattached to other bones) can vary. Our girl’s “accessory navicular” is particularly large and would have caused increasing pain and problems throughout her life, so we were pretty comfortable with the plan to get it out now. Unfortunately, Molly has the same issue in her left foot, so we’ll be re-living this experience in 4-6 months.


Post-op woozy one

Molly has been an exemplary patient at home, fairly happily confined to the couch with her leg elevated. This is not that much of a hardship for an avid reader, really! She’s tearing through a stack of books piled as high as the sofa — Green Glass House, Graceling trilogy, House Divided (the most enormous novel I’ve ever seen), The Wolves of Willoughby Chase series, and more. Molly has become as much of a chai aficionado as I am, so I brew tea for us a couple of times a day, varying our choices from the box of sample-sized pouches I recently ordered from Townshend’s Tea Company, which offers a big selection of spicy concoctions. We regularly deliver ice, water, doses of antibiotics, and companionship. I’d have to say the “aerie” (as I prefer to call our upstairs “bonus room”) is seeing the most use since we moved into this house almost three years ago. Best of all, our girl seems to be healing well and getting through this challenge with her typical grace.


Cozy in her couch cocoon


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