so blessed, so thankful ~ especially for family


Our Thanksgiving Menu

smoked turkey breast
mashed potatoes and parsnips
green beans with bacon
cranberry-fig sauce
cauliflower with brown butter, pears, and hazelnuts
beer bread
pumpkin pie with cranberry-pecan praline

Today we were so fortunate to celebrate Thanksgiving at home and with my parents as very welcome company. The food was plentiful and came together without any hitches. Table talk was punctuated with laughter and smiles. Whispers of snowflakes fell while we dined, turning into a powdered sugar dusting on the ground by the time we claimed seats in the living room to watch Molly’s and Finn’s improvised puppet theater performances. Internet radio was tuned to folk music, playing a lazy alternative to the kids’ Christmas jingles on the piano.

I know many people count their blessings in the November days leading up to Thanksgiving; I would like to note one of mine here every day until the new year arrives. When we begin making lists for Santa and shopping for presents, the many gifts we already possess can easily become overlooked or taken for granted.

I know there is nothing I wish for more than keeping my family well and close. There is really so much wrapped up in that big wish. I know that in my childhood I gained an understanding and experience of family and loving relationships that was a beautiful and immeasurable gift, and I thank my parents, grandparents, and siblings for that. They taught me how to love the family I would one day create. You all love me despite my many shortcomings, and I am grateful for your patience and constancy in my life.


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