for steamy sips


I find that a big mug of coffee + milk is about the best reason to come downstairs in the morning. Then again, a late-morning latte can make a meeting at work something to actually look forward to. In between meals but still wanting a little something warm to cradle in the hands while chatting with a friend or catching up with kids after a day apart? Coffee or tea (best in the afternoon for a light sleeper like me), coming right up!

There’s just something about a hot drink that soothes, and I’m thankful for the enjoyment I get from regular concoctions, whether caffeinated or not. Even the routine of the brewing and steeping has a calming effect, and doing so for a loved one becomes a sort of sacred gift — the transformation of water and dried leaves or roasted beans into something else altogether that is flavorful, healthful in its delivery of antioxidants, and filling without a lingering heaviness.


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