for the privilege of being mama

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Since Molly’s surgery, I’ve been helping her do lots more than I typically have for some time — like washing her hair over the side of the tub, delivering her meals on a tray, dispensing medicine, and simply get around the house. It makes me recall the intensity of our first years together, which blurred into the first years of Finn’s life. Sometimes then I wanted to cry out of self-pity, because it seemed that someone needed something every single second — or worse, two or three people needed something from me at the same time!

Eventually, we teach our children how to take care of their own needs, and we can once again tend to nearly one thing at a time. But the process tends to be so gradual that we don’t realize the easing of the burden until we are called to service again. When it’s for short periods, though, it is so much easier to be thoughtful, patient, and cheerful in delivering help. It’s been so nice to be close to Molly as she heals, as she’s been forced to stick close to home. We’ve gotten to have lengthy conversations and lots of loll-on-the-couch family time.

I’m so pleased and thankful to be Molly’s and Finn’s mother. Watching them learn new skills, share their creativity, nurture younger children, make each other laugh or snuggle together — even better if it’s with me!… Every day there is something they do or say that makes my heart feel full.


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