for a comfy bed


By the time we moved into our present home, Shane and I were overdue for a new mattress, and at least one of us had long been dreaming of a king-sized bed. A trench formed each time we shared the old queen-sized one, into which we’d fall captive, Shane often throwing a leg over me just to get the space he needed for his long limbs. I rested (but didn’t sleep much) in the sliver of space that remained — something like eight inches wide. Happily, our new bedroom allowed us to spread out a bit, so we indulged in a “hybrid” mattress — traditional coil springs topped with a thick layer of memory foam — that is flat, firm, quiet, oh so comfortable, and big enough to invite our kids to snuggle with us from time to time. I’m very thankful for such a cozy spot to rest our weary heads and bodies at night.


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