for buildings full of books


To know me is to know how much I love to read. I made a stop tonight at our local library to pick up a magazine being held for me and then browse the yoga DVD’s and then browse the “New Nonfiction” shelves and then… must stop! It’s so easy to get absorbed in good reading material and almost totally lose track of time. I’m still as susceptible as Molly and Finn to the siren calls of pretty covers, familiar authors’ names, and beloved genres with dedicated library shelves.

It’s complete bliss to lie down with a book, drink at hand, and page through another’s imagination or experiences all laid out in alluring combinations of words. Magical when we can transcend time and death through the preservation of others’ writings. Altogether wonderful when we have access to a gigantic network of libraries’ offerings through a few clicks of the computer mouse and the input of my library patron number.

Thanks be to our civilized society that collects and shares the works of authors and artists around the world for so many to enjoy. I’ll never have a house full of shelves of all the books I’ve read, much as I love being around such testaments to the bibliophile, but long live the public library as a testament to the many pleasures and knowledge gained from almost unlimited access to information.


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