holiday highlights

In between this last month’s flurries of shopping, wrapping, cooking and concocting (decadent hot chocolate mix for nephews & niece, rose sugar for Molly, Christmas dinner with my parents, New Year’s Eve dinner with friends), we celebrated a few other milestones.

First, Molly was confirmed, with my youngest brother, Nathan, acting as her sponsor.
IMG_6754 I turned 42, and my friend Erin gave me the most generous gift! I can’t wait to visit her and explore as much of Boston as possible in a whirlwind trip!!

IMG_6781 We marked our 16th wedding anniversary by attending Christmas Eve mass at the sweet little St. Boniface country church and having a double-date dinner with Molly and Finn at Silvercreek.

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IMG_6779Christmas morning was a nice one. Everyone liked their gifts and spent the day as they should — alternately delving into their own pleasures and sharing others. Shane went online to peruse replacement wedding bands (his went missing six years ago), Molly savored the thought of picking out her own phone in the near future (Oh, boy! A big step for all of us!), I cracked open Molly’s new book (All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr), and the kids put their heads together over some Perplexors and Lego construction.


We rounded out the holidays with a dad-and-kids outing to see the new Hobbitt movie, a weekend trip to Fairbury to celebrate with the extended Wenger clan, a lovely girls’ lunch/bookstore date with our friends Kim & Kate, and a New Year’s Eve in with the Kiblers. Now another year is all wrapped up, and I’m ready to see what 2015 has in store!